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Use our wisdom to help enterprises make good use of electricity

Data center

Smart data needs smart power, which is also our commitment. We know you need safe electricity to run your data-driven business 24 hours a day.

CEEG data center solutions and integrated systems are designed for high-intensity applications and growing global data needs. We provide technology for cloud, hosting, communications and financial services customers. We have the following obvious advantages: the infrastructure is flexible and can grow or shrink according to your needs.

Better understanding of your infrastructure makes automation easier.

Connecting to the smart grid gives you more choices in managing energy.

No matter what challenges you may face, whether it's about space saving, modularity and flexibility, energy efficiency, continuous operation, or safety and reliability, we have the solutions you need.

rail transit

CEEG products and solutions for rolling stock

Customer challenges

Millions of passengers travel by train every day. How to ensure the safe, punctual and comfortable travel of passengers is a challenge faced by railway operation companies. The reliable and efficient integrated control, system protection and monitoring system is the fundamental guarantee to ensure the continuity of service.

CEEG's solution

With many years of industry experience, CEEG supports the high standard requirements of railway transportation safety by developing special products with high reliability, pyrotechnic safety certification and easy installation that meet the special requirements of railway operation.

The particularity of electrical components for trains is mainly reflected in the need for higher vibration resistance and fire protection certification that must meet railway requirements. For control components, a wider working voltage range is required.

In addition to providing these special products that meet the requirements of the industry, we can help customers improve the operation efficiency of the equipment and provide comprehensive support for transportation operators in the whole life cycle of the product, that is, design technical support, product after-sales maintenance, equipment upgrading, etc.


From "shenzhou-1" to "shenzhou-12"

From "Chang'e-1" to "chang'e-5"

We ride the wind and waves in the vast stars

CEEG fully supports

Development of China's aerospace industry

Contribute to building a strong Aerospace country

So far, it has provided thousands of high-efficiency and energy-saving power transformers for China's aerospace industry

New energy

CEEG is the world's leading supplier of innovative renewable energy technologies, providing comprehensive solutions for photovoltaic power generation and energy storage power stations. Renewable energy and digitalization have fundamentally changed the way we generate, distribute and consume energy. The only certainty is that new technologies will surpass our imagination and make the impossible possible. CEEG is an innovative technology based on the most advanced hardware and software architecture for data acquisition, processing and storage, combined with more than 30 years of experience in digitization and electrification of CEEG, which aims to improve performance and ensure the highest level of reliability and safety. The addition of CEEG's intelligent distribution control system enables the digital upgrading of distribution in renewable energy industry, so as to control the life cycle management of the system more efficiently and conveniently.

Challenges faced by photovoltaic power generation and energy storage power station industry and CEEG's answer

How to reduce costs?

CEEG provides the complete products required for "from the sun to the socket, from power generation to energy storage", which simplifies the bidding and negotiation costs of a single supplier and saves up to 50% of the time.

How to be more energy efficient?

CEEG's complete product portfolio helps to improve the efficiency of "system electrical balance" related to power loss by up to 35%, so as to deliver more power to consumers.

How to remain reliable under extreme conditions?

CEEG products are designed with specific application requirements in mind to deliver the most reliable high-performance solution without compromising the main operating characteristics: they can operate at high temperatures up to 55 ° C or at an altitude of 4000 meters.

How to run continuously?

CEEG's power manager allows continuous operation of critical loads when utility power is interrupted and renewable energy is available.

Achieve global availability?

CEEG's multiple listing (e.g. IEC / UL / CCC and more) products and systems allow customers to export single design products almost anywhere in the world.

How to speed up the project?

CEEG's factory accessories and easy to install accessories can save up to 15% of installation and commissioning time.